Health & Safety

Vibration White Finger

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (Vibration White Finger) has become an increasing concern within the workplace, none more so than the construction industry. Any use of power tools can potentially run the risk of experiencing problems ranging from short term pain to longer term damage to hand and arm muscles, the prominence of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome can also be noticed by the increasing number of compensation claims being brought against employers.

Recognising the Problem

We Commit To:-

  • Source the lowest vibration equipment available
  • Accurately warn operator of user risk through appropriate H.A.E. approved Safety Instruction Guidelines sent with each machine
  • Maintain equipment thoroughly to manufacturers guidelines to minimise risk
  • Provide designated P.P.E. safety equipment with all machines
  • Supply only quality branded accessories
  • Ensure advice on the correct choice of equipment is readily given
  • Provide regular training to our staff & customer operatives on an on-going basis

Understanding the Numbers

Almost all machines that we hire out will now have a vibration value measured in laboratory conditions shown in metres per second squared (m/s²). From this value we can determine how long an item of equipment can be safely used for in any typical working day – 8 hours.