Cutting & Grinding

We have a wide range of 110v/240v or petrol driven machinery.

Our in house experts will advise on the appropriate machine to suit your requirements.

A full safety briefing will be issued at the point of hire.

  • Goggles
  • Dust Mask
  • Gloves
  • Safety Helmets
  • Ear Defenders
24 HoursExtra 24 HoursWeekendSeven DaysDeposit Required
5" Grinder (110v/240v)16.008.0024.0040.0050.00
9" Grinder (110v/240v)20.0010.0030.0050.0050.00
12" Grinder (110v)20.0010.0030.0050.0050.00
Die Grinder (110v)10.005.0015.0025.0050.00
12" Power Cutter (2 Stroke)20.0010.0030.0050.00100.00
Wall Chaser (110v)24.0012.0036.0060.00100.00
14" Chop Saw - Metal (110v)20.0010.0030.0050.00100.00
Metal Shear10.005.0015.0025.0050.00
Tile Saw - Diamond (240v)20.0010.0030.0050.0050.00
Radial Tile Saw24.0012.0036.0060.00100.00
Router (110v/240v)20.0010.0030.0050.00100.00
Planer (110v/240v)20.0010.0030.0050.0050.00
Reciprocating Saw20.0010.0030.0050.0050.00
Compound Mitre Saw (240v/110v)20.0010.0030.0050.0050.00
Laminate Trimmer16.008.0024.0040.0050.00
Jigsaw (240v/110v)16.008.0024.0040.0050.00
Rotozip Spiral Saw (240v)16.008.0024.0040.0050.00
Circular Saw 6" (240v)16.008.0024.0040.0050.00
Circular Saw 9" (110v/240v)20.0010.0030.0050.0050.00