SDS + L/D Drills

Drill bits/steels/chisels/points etc available for hire or purchase.

A full safety briefing will be issued at the point of hire.

  • Goggles
  • Dust Mask
  • Gloves
24 HoursExtra 24 HoursWeekendSeven DaysDeposit Required
SDS Drill (110v/240v)20.0010.0030.0050.00100.00
Percussion Drill (110v/240v)20.0010.0030.0050.00100.00
Diamond Core Cutter (110v)24.0012.0036.0060.00100.00
Angle Drill20.0010.0030.0050.00100.00
Magnetic Drill24.0012.0036.0060.00100.00
Tek Drill20.0010.0030.0050.00100.00
Mixing Drill20.0010.0030.0050.00100.00
Impact Wrench20.0010.0030.0050.00100.00