Cleaning Equipment

We have a range of high pressure cleaning equipment for outdoor use and domestic/industrial indoor carpet cleaners and floor scrubbers.

Shampoo for the carpet cleaner is £5 + VAT per bottle.

Pads for the floor scrubber/polisher available on request.

A full safety briefing will be issued at the point of hire.

  • Gloves
24 Hours
Extra 24 HoursWeekendSeven DaysDeposit Required
Carpet Cleaner24.0012.0036.0060.00100.00
Carpet Stretcher10.005.0015.0025.00100.00
Floor Scrubber/Polisher30.0015.0045.0075.00100.00
Steam Cleaner (Domestic)14.007.0021.0035.00100.00
Wet & Dry Vac (240v/110v)30.0015.0045.0075.00100.00
High Pressure Washer30.0015.0045.0075.00100.00
High Pressure Washer (Petrol)40.0020.0060.00100.00100.00
Steam Cleaner (Industrial)40.0020.0060.00100.00100.00
Dirt Buster Tool for HP Washer5.00HIREDOUTWITHWASHER